Oct 18 2011

Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer is just amazing on so many levels.

I have listened to his work and read his books for years, and I still get a lot out of all of it.

He is in a league of his own, with his vast awareness, and the evolution of his material, over the past 30 some odd years in which he has produced it.

That’s one aspect about his work that helps me along as I mature and evolve.

He has such an all-encapsulating message, covering so much ground, for virtually all levels of consciousness.

Whether you are a bum on the street, getting off the street, or a spiritual warrior seeking enlightenment, you will get something, well actually many things from his material.

I really appreciated the latest I saw from him, of where he came out about talking about his Leukemia, and how he healed it.

Watch it here, I highly recommend it.

I remember the first thing I got was a cassette tape on a talk where he discussed his book Your Erroneous Zones.

At the time, I didn’t understand it, and later gave it away to a friend.

Some time later we were talking and they brought up how thankful they were for the amazing tape.

I didn’t really remember much of it, and I listened again, and this time it deeply resonated.

Not sure exactly why, but I suppose it was a combination of my own growth, along with some of the seeds of his wisdom were planted and they eventually grew. Deep learning is cool like that.

Ever since, I have blazed through tons of his material and I never cease to be amazed with his inspiration, and just cast coverage of so much amazing information.

Something interesting I have noticed over the years is that I will return to something of his, after some time, and knowing a bit more about whatever, and will time and time again think, wow, Wayne Dyer really just covers it all.

If you are reading this, and haven’t heard anything about him, and know nothing about what he talks about, just look it up, watch a video on YouTube or whatever, he will open your eyes.