Oct 17 2011

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an amazingly passionate just on-fire all the freakin’ time type of sexy inspiration.

His passion is contagious, and he has the ‘starting from nothing’ history, that happened twice, which I find very inspiring.

Recently Tony popped up as I was researching an internet marketing program I am a recent member of. I was looking up some people who gave endorsements, and I ran across Tony Robbins twice.

He had crossed my path before, and I believe I even have the book Awaken The Giant Within around here somewhere, but have not read it.

I recollect he didn’t entirely click for me at the time, as I couldn’t quite follow, and he wasn’t quite seemingly spiritual enough for me during my old quest for enlightenment.

Well, on my second visit, I was greatly moved by his message. This is the video that I watched.

Then after this, I was looking for some more videos to get the big picture, and I ran across a video with Hugh Jackman, who was raving about Tony, and talking about how Tony helped Andre Agassi and Serena Williams both return to be number one in tennis.

I had at the same time, seeking testimonies of people who had used certain techniques, to figure out what really works.

Here is the video with Hugh Jackman.

That resonated deeply. With those 3 testimonies alone, well…nuff said.

Then I was looking through some more videos, and really enjoyed this one:

Eventually I went back to find some with the internet marketers, and I ran across this, which I found to be just awesome!

I found the last piece of the puzzle. It isn’t something I can explain in 1000 words or less, but it just clicked, and you know when you know.

The whole discovery, coupled with Tony’s enthusiasm towards internet marketers was just the nail on the head, and a huge confirmation to me within myself that I indeed made the right choice to jump headfirst into the world of the internet as my next career adventure.

Tony Robbins has a phenomenal message to share, and he clearly gets tangible, and fast results out of people.

I like his concept of making it happen right now. Just shift your belief on the spot, defy your fears and past story, and make that change now!