Getting Inspired

I’m glad I started this blog a while back. It was one of those intuitive things, one of the main ways I decide on things these days.

I still don’t know exactly where it is going, aside for a place for me to keep a nice log of stuff that inspires me, and maybe some people that read it.

At the moment I am looking for some inspiration myself. I have a load of videos that I listen to to keep me going, and I hit a flat spot.

Not sure what that’s about, but I know I like to be inspired and when I’m not, I wanna get back into it.

I have actually been pretty inspired for some time now, and had sort of forgotten about this blog.

The cool thing is I looked at it and I could pick up on some of the inspiration I captured here, when I just expressed some stuff. It sort of reignites it within me to read it back over.

I had a realization recently, that just crossed my mind, as I randomly write this entry without a clue where it’s going.

I was listening to Tony Robbins, in his video Awaken the Giant Within, and he was talking about the importance of having a why, why we want to succeed, make money and whatever motivates us.

I realized I wasn’t real clear about that and asked myself, and not much long after I realized it’s to inspire people.

That is something I love to do, and maybe this blog will be one means of doing that.

I had some realizations over the recent times that I am pretty loaded with insights and success principles, and yet I haven’t achieved a great level of success myself.

Once in a while I may have caught myself just about preaching about it, and invariably the question will arise about if I am so knowledgeable, then where is my success?

That is actually a great point, and it has caused me to look inwards more and not go around preaching too much. If someone engages me, I do love the topic of success, inspiration and all that, though I try to remain soft spoken about it, rather than filled with all sorts of suggestions.

Anyways, I just felt like writing something, really just for myself, as I am defining my own path, and that’s really it.