Oct 15 2011

The Matrix

The Matrix is just about the best movie ever made.

It is genius on a number of levels.

One aspect of it’s genius is in different people’s perception of meanings, which can be far and wide apart.

I see it as a spiritual analogy for enlightenment. Similar to myths and parables, illustrating the spiritual journey that we go through, especially those really striving for actual enlightenment.

I like how all elements are included in it, from a spiritual perspective. It doesn’t exclude violence, sex, passion, greed, money and power, just as life is here in earth.

I found Neo’s character to be so accurate in a depiction of the journey to enlightenment, that I decided to look up the Wachowski brothers, and see if there was any sort on intention like that behind the movie, similar to how George Lucas intended for Star Wars.

To interject, George was asked during an interview, which religious denomination he was depicting with his masterpiece, and he retorted, all religions. He said basically that he sees religion itself as an elephant, and all the different versions are like different parts of the same element.

He was pointed to how followers of different sects think it is of their religion, i.e. Christians think it’s Christian based, Buddhists think it is based on Buddhism, and so on.

He said, yes, exactly, I tried to articulate the essence that they all share.

How genius is that?

By the way, what do you know about the Wachowski brothers? I didn’t find a whole lot about them, WHO ARE THEY??? LOL!

Anyways, I do recollect reading that they had quite an impressive library through which they receive their inspiration, one book I seem to remember is ‘The Varieties of Religious Experience’, by William James. That explained it for me.

The Matrix is one of the movies I like watching over and over, and I also pick up tidbits of wisdom when I watch it.