Oct 23 2011

P Diddy

P Diddy is another source of sexy inspiration.

He imbibes the ‘American Dream’ where someone starts from nothing and works to the top, and becomes a celebrity star.

Many people think someone like him just came out of nowhere, had some strokes of luck, and suddenly were making concerts in front of thousands and selling millions of records.

Here are some of his quotes.

“If you’re chasin’ your dream, you’re not runnin’ fast enough, run faster.”

“To all you dreamers out there, keep dreamin’, but sometimes you gotta wake up from a dream and go get it.”

And then I was surprised how boldly he said these:

“If you dream and you believe, you can achieve.”

“Keep your faith in God, all things are possible through God.”

He delivers a powerful message. If you are reading this, and think these quotes are pretty cool, just click the video above and watch him. He says all of this with pure conviction, and he reveals some great tips to follow the path to success, the same sentiment shared by most celebrities I have seen on a similar topic.

The great thing is that when you have found your passion, it isn’t exactly like hard work for you, although it could appear so to an onlooker. When you are loving what you are doing, you are loving what you are doing.

I am moved by his words of wisdom, and hopefully you got something out of it too.

Then at the end of the video is an awesome ending, depicting the whole essence of having your dreams realized. I get crazy goosebumps from the ending, especially when P Diddy says, ‘I’m really here’!