Oct 13 2011

My Dream Life

I am starting this blog off with a description of my dream life, and that is some sexy inspiration!

I have no basis at all on what this blog will be about. I was looking through some awesome blogs and thinking about how I would like to do a blog like those, with a cool domain name, and I came up with this.

I am almost 3 months into my online venture, and believe it or not, I am not ready to retire yet. At the same time, I have full expectations to eventually earn enough online to retire whenever I want.

When I do, I will be living in a house, on a slight hill, over looking the ocean. The house is mainly white on the outside, with lots of large thick glass windows, facing the ocean.

From the street view, to the right of the house, is a garage, that is connected to the house, by a short walkway off of our large open kitchen area.

The garage looks like a two car garage, but it fits four cars on the level you can see. You will also see how the driveway forks to the right, alongside the garage, and then it goes down, with a gentle curve, reaching the rear lower-level of the garage, on the ocean side.

The rear is also a 2 car across opening, yet it fits four cars, so we have an 8 car garage in reality.

The nice part about out back is there is a bit of room there, and everything we need to wash our cars, while taking in the ocean and it’s beauty.

Inside the house, from the garage, you enter a split wide open room, with the kitchen on the right, and a TVF room on the left.

The TV room is a simple white room, with a nice white wrap around couch, and a huge HDTV, with a Bose surround sound stereo.

Dividing the kitchen and TV room is a fireplace, that can be accessed from either side. Next to the fire place is a small service window where we can hand food from the kitchen.

The fireplace also has an oven above it, for pizza etc.

The kitchen has a peninsula marble counter that is pretty large. On the kitchen side is a 6 burner stainless gas stove top, with a nice stainless vent above it. On the dining room side of the peninsula, which is immediately to the right when you walk through the garage, is a nice open area, leading onto the porch, with a table and chairs, and also on the porch and some nice lazy sun chairs, A.K.A., my office.

The dining area is divided by large sliding glass doors, from the porch, though they are open a lot of the time.

Our deck has a collapsible roof and screens for the bug seasons, and that way, the glass doors can be left open, as I soak up the whole ocean experience.

There is a nice large 2 bay sink on the ocean side of the kitchen, with windows over looking the ocean, then a nice stainless dishwasher next to it. The cabinets are all a nice rich wood, that goes well with the bluish marble textures on the counters and the floors.

Down the hall from the kitchen are a couple bedrooms, and an indoor office.

Right off the kitchen is a spiral staircase leading to the master bedroom. The bedroom has a wooden floor, and nice light colors. The whole wall facing the ocean is mostly glass. Outside that is a white marble walkway, with a jacuzzi, that also over looks the ocean.

Our backyard is just a soft slope, of simple soft green grass, leading to ultra soft sand, which I love walking down through to meditate on the beach. My hammock is hung off a thick tree to the left, when facing the ocean from the house.

We are somewhat secluded, so it is like having our own personal beach, and we can let the dog run free.

Inside the bedroom, is a large bathroom off the ocean side, and a couple walk in closets on the other side of the room.

The bathroom has a huge hot tub/shower, and a door leading into the sauna.

Down the hall is a gym, and a meditation room, which overlooks the ocean.

Inside the garage are our cars. A white C6 Z06, white LFA, white GTR, white R33 GTR, R32 GTR and R33 GTR. Also a white Evo, black GSX and a red SRT4.

I have created a virtual slideshow articulating lots of the visuals

These are images that are close to what I have created in my mind.

I work from home, and love looking back on this post, when this was literally only my dream life, for I appreciate the whole journey here.