Oct 15 2011

Journey To My Dream Car

I have devoted a separate blog for this, though this is some seriously sexy inspiration, the journey to my dream car.

A Skyline GTR is the sexiest car on the planet for one, and the idea of finally owning my own, even sexier.

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The part that I love about this, is there is no way in hell it appears I would ever get a Skyline in the next century, with my credentials, and my savings account.

The amazing thing about this, is I know I am getting one.

How do I know this? Come back and check in, in a few months or a year, and I will show you. I am tempted to post my bank statements to show the seeming impossibility here, but take my word for it.

I have a burning passion inside me to meet my goals, and they are going to happen.

I am already loving my journey to my dream car!

Thanks Jason for helping me to find the inspiration for this, and encouraging me to hold onto my dreams!