Oct 15 2011

Jason Fonceca of Spirit Sentient

I consider Jason Fonceca to be the epitomy of sexy inspiration.

I credit him with where I was inspired to name this blog. I felt I had a ton of things I could write about this topic when I thought about the open-endedness of it’s meaning.

I ran across a blog post of his, in an Eminem article on CopyBlogger, where he mentioned having written an article about how Jay Z is a Spiritual Guru.

This I found intriguing, as I had shared that sentiment about individuals, such as Jay Z, and Tupac, whom may not be categorized that way by many, that I have met anyways.

I really enjoyed his insights, and was drawn to reading many of his other posts on his blog Spirit Sentient.

Jason has perhaps the grandest most expanded vision I have encountered, with an enthusiasm about it all that is contagious.

At the same time, I could relate to some experiences he has described in his own personal life, and with many of his ambitions, and I was intrigued by his passion, and vision for people, success and life in general.

I noticed his usage of the word sexy and it got me thinking a bit, in how that’s a cool word, and a great word to describe a lot of things for me.

I noticed from reading between the lines that he has a wealth of living knowledge on a vast array of topics that I am passionate about, and rarely are all infused together, if ever, and I definitely have not seen it all portrayed the way he has done.

I had the opportunity to share with Jason a video that I recently discovered, and he too enjoyed it the same, and even made a post about it, where he graciously mentioned me, the NBOTB.

Want it Bad Drowning in Success.

Once again, his description was awesome, and at the same time, I was in need of some upliftment due to some money issues I was allowing myself to stress over, and it really helped, along with his Success Mindsets blog section.

I could actually link to many more of his posts and just go on about them.

His blog is laced with all sorts of inspiring gems, such as this,

If you want something bad, you’re willing to grow. Now. Not later. Not one day. Not “when you’re ready”. If you’re not ready then you don’t Want It Bad. People who want success, are ready, or they’ll find a way to BE ready and that attitude will shine through.’

This was in his words, from the video mentioned above.

He has done this with wisdom from many great teachers whom I recognized just from the essence of his writings, and he has his own way with it, rather than sounding like a parrot.

Thanks Jason for the inspiration! I look forwards to walking down this path and I am sure we will be sharing our insights and ideas along the way.